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New beauty – in a new thing…

Creating a silk canvas with unique prints, the team of illustrators Fantasy Room drew inspiration from the works of famous artists: Chagall, Malevich and Lissitzky.

The world-famous names worked together and worked in the period of the highest rise of the Russian avant-garde, in the Vitebsk Art School, which turned 100 years old this year.

Reading academic works of artists, examining their paintings, posters and admiring the process of work, the illustrators of the Fantasy Room presented how new forms and rules were created for them, because at that time, Chagall, Malevich and Lissitzky were innovators in art. Just imagine how the adrenaline rush through the artists; workshops when a new work was created, a book, a poster! How much they  anted to tell the whole world about it! For this, artists created international journals and printed books under their editorship in different languages. Today, the team of modern artists — Fantasy Room created author prints based on the great masters Chagall, Malevich and Lissitzky. We, as if combining their characteristic colors and silhouettes, revived the characters and forms, breathed life into them, set the dynamics and rhythms with prints.

“Yes, we felt THEIR presence in our team, in the process of working on sketches …” —

smiles the head of the art studio FR Anna Dudas.

Each silk canvas has its own short associative name: 

Bella, 2018

The first love of Marc Chagall, the collective image of a girl in a white collar with elements that are often repeated in a number of works by the artist.

Thing at the time, 2018

Source of inspiration: the international magazine; Thing; on contemporary art, 1922, edited by El Lissitzky and others.

Couple: he and she, 2018

White on white — woman and peasant.

Source of inspiration Kazimir Malevich, suprematism

Fashion Baba, 2018

Focus on web dynamics and accessory geometry — bag

Inspiration: Malevich K.

Victory over the sun, 2018

The scenery of Malevich to the opera, symbolizing the victory of technology

over nature

Fertility, 2018

A group of women dynamically holding a fertile field Source: Girls in the

field, Malevich K.

Concept: Fantasy Room Minsk

Curator: Anna Dudas

inspiration boards: Anastasia Vasyuchenko

Illustrators: Olga Shpuntova, Anastasia Volskaya, Alexandra Fedyukevich

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